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For David Sprinkle, Tuesday, January 16, 2018 was just another day.  The retired 84-year-old was at home, waiting for his great-grandson to get home from school.  He went out around 3pm to wait for him to get off the school bus.  The normal day was about to become anything but normal.

As Sprinkle was waiting outside by his motor home for his great-grandson, he observed a group of students walking home from school.  He observed that at least one of the students was riding a bicycle.  He also observed a car stopped at the intersection of West Broadway Avenue and North Main Street.  The car was headed towards the Post Office.

Sprinkle, who has a vision impairment, lost sight of the student on the bicycle until he heard a collision.  The driver of the car had accelerated and collided with the young man on the bicycle.  This knocked the young man nearly twenty feet from the cross walk towards Sprinkle’s property.  Sprinkle heard the young man scream and sprung into action.

Without hesitation, Sprinkle raced to the young man’s side where he remained until medics arrived on the scene.  City of Milton-Freewater employees Rich Gannon and Jeremy Badertscher, also responded to help.  Gannon and Badertscher work for the city’s electric department.  The young man was later identified as William.

Sprinkle said that when he arrived by William’s side that William was trying to climb out of the street into the grass.  He got down on the ground beside William and held his hand.  He wanted William to know that someone cared, that help was on the way and that he was not alone.

For his selfless act of kindness and compassion for someone in need, Rise News is proud to announce that David Sprinkle is our Walla Walla Valley Hero for February 2018.  Handmaid Cleaning presented Sprinkle with a $100 gift certificate as a token of appreciation for his heroism.

We spoke with Sprinkle on Saturday.  While filming our interview, Sprinkle again sprung into action.  A neighbor, who is effected by early on-set of Alzheimer’s Disease, had found himself outside and confused.  Sprinkle and his granddaughter, Mari, immediately ran to the neighbor’s aid.  They helped the neighbor back inside and stayed with him until a relative arrived.

“I’m not a hero. I did what any person would do,” Sprinkle told us.  He also said he think’s the city employees should be recognized.  We agree.  We’ve called on Milton-Freewater City Manager, Linda Hall, to name Gannon and Badertscher as city employees of the month for their heroism.

“I would like to thank the people who stopped to be with him,” William’s mother Lili Schmidt said.  “I can’t begin to express my gratitude to the people who helped my son during such a scary situation.”

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Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond in serving others?  Please nominate them for an upcoming Walla Walla Valley Hero feature by sending us a message about them.  If your business is interested in sponsoring an upcoming hero, please email [email protected].


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