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Flooding in Milton-Freewater

Flooding affects homeowners in Milton-Freewater

Recent rain and warmer temperatures are causing destruction for local homeowners in Milton-Freewater.  Property along the Walla Walla River faced flash flooding on Sunday and Monday.  Officials say that recent rains, combined with warmer temperatures causing melting at higher elevations, are the culprits.

The community quickly sprang into action on Sunday offering help to homeowners affected by the floods.  One homeowner told us that folks have offered housing, safe space for his livestock and help with saving his property.  Another homeowner was already cleaning up as flood waters have started to recede in some areas.

Flooding has been a problem along the river for a number of years.  One homeowner we spoke to, told us that it has been about ten years since he saw things this bad.  He had installed concrete barriers after the last flood, hoping that it would help divert water in the future.  The barrier failed, which is leading him to seek other solutions to protect his property in the future. Other property owners saw their barn destroyed and it’s contents carried down the river.  They were out today assessing the damage and trying to figure out a way to begin restoration.

Officials say that water levels will remain high for a few days, as warmer temperatures continue to cause snow & ice to melt in higher elevations, but they expect most of the flooding to recede over the coming days. You can continue to follow this developing story, including seeking help in recovery (or finding ways you can help homeowners clean up following the floods) our Facebook page, Milton-Freewater Local.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the situation and bring updates as necessary.

Ways You Can Help

Brian & Ginger Afdahl have had floodwaters rip through their property causing damage to their home and barn.  Their son, Chance, has setup a GoFundMe page to help them raise the necessary funds to begin recovery.  The Afdahl’s do not have flood insurance.  For more details, please see https://www.gofundme.com/help-for-brian-and-ginger-afdahl.

Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones

Brandon has worked in journalism and media for over a decade in various capacities. The highlights of his career include documenting the evolution of queer culture in the American south, and covering politics and government on the Texas border.

Alan Jones

Alan Jones

Alan is a disabled veteran of the US Air Force and is a native of Long Beach, California. He has explored food and the culinary arts around the globe, including an extensive stay in Okinawa, Japan, South Korea and Mexico. He is the Executive Editor of Munchie and manages our social media team. Alan currently lives in Milton-Freewater with his dachshund, Ellie Mae.

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