Kathy Martin has served as the Walla Walla County Clerk for thirty years.  She worked for the Clerk’s office for nine years, before being consistently elected as County Clerk for three decades by Walla Walla voters.  To say that she has a devoted life to public service is an understatement.  Martin is competent in her role and mentors other County Clerk’s around the state.  Some, including the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, have cited this in their endorsements of her re-election.

Kathy Mulkerin
Kathy Mulkerin (Photo: Mulkerin campaign)

During the primary, Kathy Mulkerin organized and was successful in getting her name on the ballot through a write-in campaign.  Mulkerin is from Walla Walla, having moved here in kindergarten.  She graduated from Walla Walla High School, obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree, teaching certificate and Master’s  degree.  She currently works as a Branch Office Administrator for a financial services company in Walla Walla.

Following Mulkerin’s successful write-in campaign, Martin made comments on social media (and later removed them) that seemed to suggest she could not believe she had to launch a political campaign. Elected officials, even those who have been elected for three decades, must never take their position for granted.  And, voters should not simply re-elect someone merely because they’ve done so for thirty years.

Anyone in Martin’s position should be able to cite progress, and a lot of it.  Thirty years in an elected position is a long time.  Martin has not failed to tout her extensive record.  However, in Martin’s own words, her office is understaffed and she cites employee efficiency as one of it’s top challenges.  Martin had no campaign position or even a campaign presence, prior to Mulkerin’s successful primary bid.

We believe it’s time for voters to usher in fresh, new, and capable leadership at the County Clerk’s office.  Kathy Mulkerin is the right choice for County Clerk!

Mulkerin announced early that her goals for the Clerk’s office included a customer-oriented approach that includes improved technology and efficiency.  She has won awards doing this in her current role and we believe she would bring this to the Clerk’s office.  Mulkerin is also committed to serving all of Walla Walla County.  She’s committed to breaking down language barriers that prevent the Clerk’s office from effectively and efficiently serving our neighbors.

After thirty years, Walla Walla owes Kathy Martin our gratitude for a job well done, as it elects a new County Clerk that will bring new leadership and needed change.  Kathy Mulkerin is our pick!

Mulkerin’s campaign can be found on Facebook here.


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