Kathy Mulkerin
Kathy Mulkerin (Photo: Mulkerin campaign)

I have been a Walla Walla community member since kindergarten. After graduating from Walla Walla High School, I earned my Bachelors of Arts degree, teaching certificate, and Master’s degree before returning back to my community 14 years ago to raise my family. For the past 10 years, I have built a career in financial administration, gaining valuable experience in finance, customer service and administration.

I decided to run for County Clerk for one reason: I believe the County Clerk’s office can work better for you.

The first task I will take is to extend open hours, which are currently 9am-4pm, without adding staff. By staggering shifts, the Clerk’s office can give more options for you to visit before or after work.

The second will be to update the office’s technology to be on par with many clerk’s offices across the state. Currently, filing fees can only be paid by cash or check. I want to add credit/debit payment options, giving you flexibility in payment options. Additionally, though PDF forms of documents are on the state website, it can be difficult to navigate. By providing easy links to most-requested documents online, we can reduce customer requests in the office or over the phone. And finally, I will institute e-filing, which helps to streamline the filing process by reducing time and cost for both the consumer and the Clerk’s office.

The third will be to prioritize Spanish skills with the next open position. Currently, 1 in 5 Walla Walla families speak Spanish at home, and I believe we can serve those families better in their native language.

And finally, as your county clerk, I promise to be an understanding, friendly face when you come into the office. While the County Clerk’s office cannot give legal advice, they can ease the process and help you navigate the complex world of legal administration.

I believe the County Clerk’s office can work better for you.

When elected, I will work thoughtfully with the county commissioners and present them with the facts about costs and benefits for each upgrade. Most of the updates will not need an increase in the budget and the few that do will end up saving money, and time, in the long run.

You deserve a County Clerk who will make your life easier. I am that person.

Kathy Mulkerin
Walla Walla


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