I would like to commend the number of deputies who have chosen to stay neutral in the upcoming sheriff race between Mark Crider and Matt Stroe.

At many public events around this race, a large number of deputies have donned their blue Crider t-shirts, and have stood together in the back of the room, some asking what appear to be planted and biased questions.

For me, this has felt very wrong. So wrong, that as an early Crider supporter, my vote has now changed, and I fully support Stroe.

While I appreciate their opinion, when asked, these displays have felt much more of an “appointment” for the job, by the soon-departed Sheriff Turner, rather than a position voted on by local citizens.

I would hope that if Stroe is elected, these same deputies will work side by side with him to keep our community safe in a professional manner, despite the fact that their man didn’t win.

In this very politically divided time in our nation, a message of unity is much needed.

Patrice Townsend
Walla Walla


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