About Us

About Rise NewsThe strength of the Walla Walla Valley is the diversity of the people that call it home. From the native people who have lived on these lands for decades, to the immigrants who traveled from all parts of the globe, the growing diversity of people and ideas are among our richest assets.

That’s why in 2017, we launched Rise Media with the purpose of representing all of the people who call our community home. Elevating conversations, too often ignored, would not be an easy task. Things worth doing are generally never easy, but they are important.

In 2018, we reorganized to more effectively serve our community. Rise News was born with the purpose of providing a fresh, fair and open style of reporting local news and events. We began recruiting and training grassroots journalists and equipping them to elevate the conversation.

Today, we continue to present fair, unbiased reporting to our community, utilizing technology and the power of the grassroots to change the conversation for the good. Together, we rise!

Rise News