The strength of the Walla Walla Valley is the diversity of the people that call it home. From the native people who have lived on these lands for decades, to the immigrants who traveled from all parts of the globe, the growing diversity of people and ideas are among our richest assets.

That’s why in 2017, we launched Rise Media with the purpose of representing all of the people who call our community home. Elevating conversations, too often ignored, would not be an easy task. Things worth doing are generally never easy, but they are important.

In 2018, we reorganized to more effectively serve our community. Rise News was born with the purpose of providing a fresh, fair and open style of reporting local news and events. We began recruiting and training grassroots journalists and equipping them to elevate the conversation.

Today, we continue to present fair, unbiased reporting to our community, utilizing technology and the power of the grassroots to change the conversation for the good. Together, we rise!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Is Rise News a liberal news organization?

Rise Media Group is a non-partisan entity with the purpose of connecting our community and highlighting its diversity. That includes the diversity of our local politics, people and culture. We do not exist to merely serve one political ideology over another. That’s asinine to our mission and purpose.

As a people-powered project, we invite and welcome the diversity of our community to get involved. After all, we believe people come first and that our region’s success rests on our ability to work together, to solve our toughest challenges.

Are Rise News journalists licensed?

Journalists in the United States are not given licenses to perform their constitutionally protected duties. Our editorial team is comprised of individuals with varying levels of journalism experience. Our whole team receives training, affirms our Code of Ethics and carries official press credentials, issued by Rise Media Group, designating their role(s) within our bonafide media organization.

How can I get involved?

Thanks for your interest in getting involved in this grassroots people-powered project! Rise News is committed to pioneering free community-based digital media, for the Walla Walla Valley. We are always looking for individuals to help us cover local news and community events — writers, photographers, researchers, copy editors, videographers, production staff and more. We are looking for creative people who think outside of the box. “Negative Nancy,” “us vs them,” “it can’t be done” mentalities need not apply.

You do not need any past experience in journalism to apply! — We will provide training and an immersive learning experience to get you up to speed.

Getting involved with Rise News is easy! Drop an email to [email protected] and introduce yourself to our recruiting team. Let them know why you would like to be involved and how you might best be able to serve on the team. If you have samples of your work, feel free to share them with us.

Someone will get back in touch with you and setup a time to meet to discuss things further. Together, we rise!

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